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Introduction by Charlton Heston.

  • An introduction to Water Damage from a home owner's perspective
  • Homeowner's comments about the water damage they suffered
  • The Insurance Industries view of the problem
  • Instructive video of the FloodStopper™ system and how/where it is installed in a customer's home or business

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Prevent home catastrophe with 24/7 protection against flooding.

FirstSmart Sensor Corp. is the Manufacturer
& Patent & Trademark Holder for
The FloodStopper™

prevent home flooding

The FloodStopper™ System consists of low-profile electronic sensors (designed to blend into the décor of any facility), a user-friendly control panel, and a Honeywell™ shut-off valve.

A unique advantage of the Floodstopper™ System is the close valve feature which allows you to shut down the entire water supply with the push of a button. The system costs less than the average insurance deductible and can be interfaced with most monitored security systems. It is UL, cUL, IAPMO & NSF approved and qualifies for insurance premium reductions.

The FloodStopper™ System is a patented, high-tech water leak detection system that provides 24/7 protection against flooding due to internal plumbing failures and accidental overflows. It automatically shuts off the water supply instantly upon detection of a leak.

The FloodStopper™ System is designed for use in residential, commercial, and industrial buildings.

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